Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back saw repair

I picked this saw up on and there was a slight wave to the blade. Matt Cianci diagnosed from a photo that the saw back merely needed removal and reinstallation. There is an excellent video from Logan Cabinet Shoppe on the process of removing and reinstalling a saw back.

Reinstallation is funny. After reinstalling the blade in the back and seeing it straight, it warped terribly (albeit temporarily) from the saw nuts going in under tension. It's a finicky process, but one getting down, if only for the treasure trove of used saws it makes accessible to you and few others.

TV console

Installed the knife hinges today on the TV console.

I was concerned that we had made the sides appear too thick with the three-inch mitered returns. Three inch returns ensured a lot more structural integrity against racking, but seemed massive next to glass doors with thin frames.

Once the doors were installed, however, I was really happy with the look. I think I'll do smaller returns next time, but for this project the proportions don't seem too heavy.

Also had some fun prepping stock for another workbench.