Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bench Horse

What was intended to be the first of a pair of saw horses accidentally morphed into a small and portable bench. I've really enjoyed the evolution.

I've been trying to minimize my footprint as much as possible for reasons of budget and practicality (this was intended to be portable for use in Esprit Park). The first innovation was to leave one set of legs vertical to facilitate rip sawing. The unintended benefit has been that the legs provide an excellent clamping surface much like my old Roubo Bench.

The splayed back legs of the saw bench provide two benefits: stability and a foothold while planing.

In case anyone is wondering the casters do come off while I'm using the bench. So far it's working out really well to have the vise at one end and the planing stop at the other. I can just keep circling the bench as my tasks demand.

On a final design note: all materials except the vise and hardware were salvaged curbside in Potrero and Lower Haight. "The city provides."

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