Thursday, June 2, 2011

Old tools new tricks

Let's start at the end. I've been designing more of my furniture with inset pulls. Pulls can be expensive, and their projection from the body of the piece can pose a risk of breakage. I've found that cutting into the drawer dividers can allow for an internal pull, and on the harder to access drawers I've sculpted the adjacent drawer faces to allow for easier hand access. You'll notice on the third drawer from the top that I've added a cockbead and this is explained below.

On this particular project I was embarrassed to discover that I had built the third drawer opening an eighth inch too tall for the drawer. My remedy was to attach an eighth inch strip of walnut and then scratch in a cock bead to hide the glue line.

The scratch stock is made from an old scrap of saw blade with a cock bead filed in via a chainsaw file. After a nervous start the tool worked beautifully.

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