Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All the drawers are fit

While this workstation is a form of packing (it's how my tools will travel to California), it has replaced all the time and energy I should have been spending packing up my apartment. Last night at dinner, my friend Andrea, a tutor, informed me that I was resembling a very productive version of some of her gamer students who can't get their homework because they spent all night playing Call of Duty.

So after letting Andrea's comment sink in I awoke this morning at 5am, and came to the shop intent on fitting the drawers so I could take a one-week sabattical from this project. Well, the drawers were fit in record time, and I feel good walking away for a little while to wrap up my remaining packing.

Oh yes and the weight looks like it will be approaching 125lbs. So the handles, while beautiful, will only be useful when all of the drawers are removed.

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