Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sides of Workstation

With all the drawers complete, it was now time for what normally would have been the first step in the cabinet-making process: building the carcass.

I decided to use some really amazing 5/4 QS white oak that I'd rat-holed away years ago. Because the tool box will also serve as a work station I wanted to use a more robust timber, such as white oak, rather than a lighter weight timber, such as pine or cedar, for the carcass. Unfortunately, my back may give out before the carcass racks, so this may have been a poor decision. Perhaps I'll be adding casters to this work station in the near future.

All of the sides and drawer dividers are now sized, and tomorrow I am looking forward to dadoing the sides of the carcass for the drawer dividers and maybe even starting to cut the dovetails for the carcass.

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