Sunday, May 22, 2011

Custom brass handles

Today's entry begins with an image of the end of the day's work. Because the sides of the workstation will also serve as a clamping surface, all of the through joinery and handles needed to be flush (or in this case slightly set back to ensure against marring if the case shrunk in the winter).

I had done a little bit of brass work two years ago for some inlay on a series of benches for Stone Soup. Since then I have become addicted to Konrad Sauer's blog. Konrad makes wood and metal infill planes, but cuts and shapes both almost entirely by hand. I was very excited to make some custom brass handles with the curved bevel that has become a trademark on much of my furniture. I wasn't feeling too hot about the handles until I lapped them with 220 wet sandpaper. Then I felt very good about the world.

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