Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Mobile Toolbox/Work station

With this layout begins the dimensioning and construction of the toolbox/workstation for my upcoming trip to San Francisco. I currently own over 30 hand planes, and while the #7 and #62 1/2 do 90% of the work, the others shown in the photo have been oh so indispensable in my moments of need.

The lumber for the drawer front and sides have been sized and marked and tomorrow begins the exciting process of cutting the dovetails. My goals are that the tool chest can store all of my "essential" tools and provide a shooting board and vertical clamping surface for smaller components (and it needs to be safely liftable).

Typically the case is made and then the drawers are fit to the openings. I am violating this rule as the design on the go process demands that I make crate-style drawers before I will know what dimensions to make the carcass to. If I run out of time, at least I'll have tool crates to bring out to SF.

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