Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Mobile Toolbox/Work station: Day 2

This drawer is the first of the work station. I'm putting so much of my wood in storage that I've definitely felt free to treat myself to some primo cuts that otherwise might have remained rat-holed away for a few decades. The 1/2" white oak sides are quarter-sawn and left over from years ago when a large-order client had specified that all drawer sides be made from QS White Oak. They're lovely drawer sides and will hold up well under constant use, but with three hours invested in this drawer, I'm remembering why I've been using pine and poplar for my other drawer sides.

Drawer backs are fun but confusing. The pressure is off because they're rarely seen. I skip formal layout and just free hand all the joints. It's good practice for working fast but accurate. I can't always remember which rear pins are half pins, but the result should be a small step on the rear of the drawer. This step allows air to escape as the drawer closes. Without this step, rapidly shutting a tight drawer can result in another drawer pushing itself out like a piston. Worse things have happened, but I do love the practicality guiding the drawer design which allows for planing of the drawer sides and late entry of the drawer bottom: tomorrow's work.

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