Friday, May 13, 2011

Dividers Begin

After returning from an outdoor education trip with the high school students, I eagerly set upon adding bottom panel and the dividers to drawer interior. Somehow all of this took 3.5 hours. I drove away from the shop happy but thinking, I can't keep taking this long.

High points included seeing the space for the #62.5 in its leather pouch to nestle behind the #7. This is a much better place for accessing both of my most used planes. The plywood shelves in the photo below were originally intended to hold the 62.5 and perhaps its even smaller brass counterpart (if I can justify the luxury).

I'm building all of the dividers with about 1/32" of slop. It's great when everything fits tight, but I've erred on the side of tight too often with tool kits, and the during the humid months this extra precision comes back to haunt me.

I'm looking forward to finishing the dividers tomorrow when it pours rain (and I'll have no distractions). Now that the largest drawer is complete, the greatest common denominator for the work station has been set, and I can start to lay out the remaining drawers with more efficiency.

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