Saturday, May 14, 2011

One drawer down, three to go

Today was a great day. Poured rain all day and got lots done on the work station. I'm really happy that I decided to orient the tools upright for easy access, rather than sideways for maximum space. It turns out that the open spaces above lesser used planes are great for shelves that can support clamps and hammers that would not fit in the other drawers. It was really fun to tablesaw a small rebate on some of the dividers and integrate a Baltic Birch shelf. Small pleasures ...

The next task at hand after completing the plane drawer was to decide on what tools were getting their own shelves. This was intimidating, but easier than I thought. I just cut all the drawer bottoms first and then oriented my most used tools for the best fit. Layout, chisels and saws each got their own drawer. I was tempted to make a 4th drawer for tools not yet purchased, but then I remembered that I will barely be able to lift this workstation as it is, so future acquisitions will have to wait for their own tool box.

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